Welcome to My Italian Scrapbook

Fountain in Via Forcella
Fountain in Via Forcella, Naples

Naples for Blog


15 thoughts on “Welcome to My Italian Scrapbook

  1. This baroque fountain is reminiscent of a time when women would go to it in order to fetch water and to socialize. Meeting by the fountain was an important segment of the day. It was also a meeting place where women shared their daily experiences, dreams and aspirations.


  2. Hello Antoinette-Would love to read more. I want to start following….. Italy is on my travel list.
    It’s Irene from our knitting class!


  3. The practice, “women at the well” is a very old one dating back to the Old Testament where much more was shared, especially in the form of helpful advice on any number of topics, often including family care, recipes both culinary and medicinal.


  4. Still enjoying your posts and hoping you and Jim had a good Thanksgiving with Family and Friends and maybe some travel in there too ;-). Look forward to your blog posts and also
    would like to see more stories of both your travels. Love, Anne


  5. I simply love your presentation: words, photographs, context, feeling and music. Thank you for the beauty, art, plainspokenness and heart that goes into everything you do. I’m honored to be on your list and hope you’ll continue creating and sharing your priceless sensibilities.
    With profound gratitude,


  6. Dear Antoinette and Jim – Merry Christmas to you both. I loved reading about Naples and looking at your pictures. The eel recipe – I would try it if I were fortified with a few glasses of wine first; otherwise, no dice!
    Happy new year – looking forward to walking with you one of these weekends.


  7. Your writing is of the adjective-free, image-rich kind that I most admire and love to read. Thanks so much for each new story.


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